An African Pygmy Hedgehog’s main diet should consist of 2/3 high quality chicken/turkey (not fish)  based dried cat food.  This should always be provided with a fresh bowl of water.


It is often difficult to know what is safe to feed your hedgie and what isn't as there are many sites that contradict each other. There actually lots of different treats that you can feed your hedgie in small quantities that can be beneficial to your hedgie. Some of these include: banana, mango, strawberries, plain cooked chicken, carrot,sweet potato and live insects such as locusts or mealworms.


It is important to know what foods could be potentially life threatening to your hedgie. There area few foods do definitely avoid and some that are not recommend. Some foods to definitely avoid are: dairy products – hedgehogs are lactose intolerant which means they are allergic to dairy. Fish, avocado, grapes, acidic foods and seasoned foods

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In terms of how much you should feed your hedgie, it all depends on the hedgehog but if they are the right weight (200g-300g for an adult) then you can ‘Free Feed’ them. This means that you leave their bowl full and let them eat it when they want. African Pygmy Hedgehogs stop eating when they are full so there is very little chance of them overfeeding. If you do need to restrict their food intake, then give them no more than 3 tablespoons each day. Monitor your hedgies weight and adapt the amount of food to suit your hedgehog.


Fresh water should always be available in a bowl. Some people use bottles like hamsters have,however this causes an unnatural drinking position and they could get their tongues stuck or cut in the spout.

NOTE: obesity in hedgehogs can kill so try to monitor your hedgehogs weight and adjust their food intake accordingly. (See health for risks of obesity)

Speak to your breeder and ask them how much and what your hedgie is currently being fed. If you wish to change your hedgie's food, you need to gradually mix their old and new food (over about 1 month) a little bit at a time until they are eating only the new food. 

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