Despite what many people may think, APH’s are relatively easy to care for – if you know what you are doing! Here is a guide to how to maintain your hedgie and its cage.


You will need to clean out your hedgie at least once a week (every 3-5 days is preferred). This will include taking everything out of the cage and spraying pet safe disinfectant  onto all surfaces that your pet touches. It will also include scrubbing their wheel, as they go to the toilet whilst on their wheel.



Your hedgehog will need to be maintained too. Daily,weekly and monthly jobs will need to be carried out to ensure your hedgie is well cared for.


Checking that your hedgehog has sufficient food and water in their bowls.

Handling your hedgie

Quick health check



Cleaning out the cage twice a week

Clipping your hedgies nails (every 2 weeks)

For hedgehogs that are quilling or that have dry skin, bathing them once a month in Aveeno bath and shower oil can moisturise and soothe their skin.


Hedgehogs are relatively clean animals but there are some things that owners need to do in order to keep their hedgies clean and healthy.

Hedgehogs have constantly growing nails like us. This means that they need to be trimmed regularly so that they don't grow too long and cause painful problems. You should clip your hedgehogs nails about once every two weeks. You should clip the nails with regular human nail clippers and only cut off the white part of the nail, not the pink quik.

Hedgehogs go through stages of quilling when they are young. This replaces the small old quills with bigger new ones. When quilling, your hedgehog may have sore, dry skin which could make them huffy. To help soothe their skin you can bath them in warm (not hot) water with Aveeno Bath and Shower Oil. This helps to add moisture to the skin and soothe the irritation that quilling causes. To bath your hedgehog you should add 2 table spoons of Aveeno Oil to about 3 inches of warm (not hot) water. Then place your hedgehog in the water an use a jug to tip water over their quills. Then empty the water and replace it with only warm water (no Aveeno) and use the jug to rinse the oil off. Then let your hedgie dry in a towel before putting them in their cage.


Hedgehogs need enrichment to keep them entertained, especially at night when they are up and about. There are many ways to keep your hedgie entertained, such as: tubes and tunnels with food placed randomly throughout to allow your hedgehog to explore and forage. New scents and smells to explore, daily handling, time to roam around a roam about and investigate. Note: make sure your hedgie is supervised at all times whilst taking part in enrichment activities. 

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