Choosing the right breeder is crucial to getting a happy and healthy hedgehog. There are quite a few African Pygmy hedgehog breeders in the UK and many in America. Before choosing a breeder you need to thoroughly look into many different breeders to see which one would be right for you. Don't just choose the nearest one, choose a breeder that you can trust and ideally recommended by another owner. A healthy hedgehog from a respectable breeder should be around £150 regardless of their colour or gender.

They usually own their hedgehogs so be wary of breeders who use stud hedgehogs. Many breeders also offer starter packs with some toys and food for your new hedgie. Your new hoglet shouldn't be less than 7 weeks before you take them home so avoid breeders willing to sell you a very young hoglet. Lastly, many good breeders have a long waiting list so don't choose a bad breeder just so that you can get a hoglet quicker. Remember, don't hand over any money (apart from a deposit) until you have seen your hedgehog and are satisfied with the health of your new pet. Good luck!


Choosing the right hedgehog is just as important as choosing the right breeder. When you choose your hedgehog you should be giving them a mental health check. They should not  have mucky eyes,a runny nose, scabby skin, tattered ears or patches of no quills. If you spot any of these this is a sign that your hedgie is sick so be careful when choosing. As for choosing the gender, it doesn't matter. Both make great pets.


When taking home your new hedgehog, you need to make it as stress free as possible. You should bring a carrier for your hedgehog to go home in unless your breeder is providing this. Have the cage set up before you get home so that the transition is as smooth as possible. Once home, put your hedgie in his/her cage straight away and don’t pick them up for at least 24 hrs to allow them to settle in. After that you can have fun with your new prickly pal! 

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